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Please navigate through our website to learn more about our clinic, our doctors and professional staff, and the various services we provide.  As we grow our website, you can look forward to more information and more services available on-line – so check back often for updates!

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October is Eye Health Month — World Sight Day & Fundraising


With the fall colours comes our annual month of fundraising, education and awareness as Edinburgh Optometry Clinic participates in Eye Health Month and the special World Sight Day fundraising event – in support of the international charity, Optometry Giving Sight!  In 2013 we were very proud to have been designated as GOLD LEVEL fundraisers by the Optometry Giving Sight campaign… we hope to achieve or SURPASS that level this year!!   Please ask about this fundraising campaign if you are in the office any time in October.  Click HERE to find out more!




 EYE SEE EYE LEARN under way for school year 2014-2015!


In partnership with the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the Ontario Ministry of Health, Edinburgh Optometry Clinic is proud to be one of the local optometry offices involved in the Eye See Eye Learn program.  The goal of this program is to have every child entering Junior Kindergarten undergo a comprehensive eye exam at an optometrist’s office during their JK year.

An added bonus of this program is any child requiring prescription eyeglasses will be eligible for one FREE pair of eyeglasses through the Eye See Eye Learn program.

Any child born in the calendar year 2010 can participate in this program – you simply need a valid Ontario Health Card, and you must bring your child in for an eye exam anytime after July 1st.

For further information, either call our office or visit: www.EyeSeeEyeLearn.ca



Edinburgh Optometry Clinic featured in the 2012 Guelph Sustainability Report

Guelph Hydro released its 2012 Sustainability Report earlier this year – and Edinburgh Optometry Clinic was featured in this publication for its project to replace halogen bulbs in a large number of fixtures throughout the office with newer LED high effeciency light bulbs.  More details about this project are outlined in the report (see page 36 in the following link — CLICK HERE to open a PDF of the full report).



FOR SALE (in-office) 

We have a number of copies of the fantastic book, EYE FOODS at our clinic.  Written by two Canadian optometrists, this book is filled with great information and an approach to healthy eating that supports good eye health over the years!  This is a great resource for anyone interested in general health and especially EYE health – and would be particularly important to read for anyone diagnosed with, or who has a family member with macular degeneration.  Be sure to check out the display copy when you are at the clinic!




The latest technology to assess infant and toddler vision!

Our office is equipped with the PlusOptix pediatric autorefracting system which allows us to more accurately examine the vision and refractive state of infants and toddlers.  This new technology is available immediately and is being used as part of the comprehensive eye examination on your child – fully OHIP covered with a valid Ontario Health Card!

To find out more about this exciting technology, book an appointment for your child!  The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends early eye examinations for children starting at 6 months of age, then at 2 1/2 years, and then yearly while the child is school-aged.




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To provide our patients with the most comprehensive, friendly, and up-to-date eye care in a comfortable, family-oriented clinic.

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