Our Technology

The knowledge and skill of our doctors and staff are complemented by a wide range of important and technologically-advanced instrumentation.  We take pride in having the most up-to-date diagnostic eye and vision testing equipment as well as a spectacle finishing lab right on-site.  Our clinic utilizes the following technology in order to provide you with the best in continuing eye care for you.



Humphrey FDT Perimeter Evaluates 20 degrees of your peripheral vision in approximately 30 seconds per eye.
Humphrey Field Analyzer Evaluates, in detail, your peripheral vision up to 60 degress in all directions.  This instrument is considered the “gold standard” in glaucoma peripheral vision testing.
Non-Contact Tonometer Uses a gentle puff of air to measure your intraocular pressure (IOP).  The IOP is known to be a significant risk factor for glaucoma.
Pach-Pen This handheld instrument uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of your cornea.  This measurement has been found to be an indicator of glaucoma and is also important in determining candidacy for corrective laser eye surgery.
Auto-Refractor Estimates your refractive status (what is needed in spectacles to improve your vision).
Auto-Keratometer Measures the curvature (or the shape) of the front surface of your cornea.  This measurement is of utmost importance when fitting all types of contact lenses.
Optomap Digital Wide-field Ophthalmoscope Uses two LASERs (one green light and one red light) to give a panoramic image of your retina.  This instrument assists in the documentation of your retinal appearance and helps the doctor to diagnose various retinal eye diseases.
OCT Optical Coherence Tomographer Allows the doctor to view parts of your eye in extremely high levels of magnification with 3-D capability.  This instrument has become the newest standard of testing for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and several other eye conditions.
Auto-Lensometers Sensors in this instrument allow us to measure the spectacle prescription of your present glasses.
Essilor Kappa C.T. Edging System This set of instruments precisely traces the shape of your frame and then sends the information to an instrument that cuts, shapes and smoothes the lenses to fit accurately into the frame that you have chosen.