Giving Sight

We aogsre proud to be involved with a world-wide effort, in collaboration with the charitable organization, OPTOMETRY GIVING SIGHT – to promote the
gift of sight to underprivileged countries and regions around the world.  Click here to check out our efforts during the month of October for EYE HEALTH MONTH  – but here we wanted to highlight some of the efforts made by our own office, doctors, and staff towards charitable work in eye care and humanitarian efforts. 


WSDC_2014_GoldEdinburgh Optometry Clinic is Recognized for Raising Award-winning Amount for Optometry Giving Sight

Drs. Miller, Timpano, and MacNeill and the staff members of Edinburgh Optometry Clinic have been acknowledged by Optometry Giving Sight as Gold award level fundraisers, thanks to our efforts during the 2014 World Sight Day Challenge.

The Doctors and staff at Edinburgh Optometry Clinic raised funds during the month of October 2014 by holding our annual car wash, raffling Guelph Storm tickets, and collecting donations within the office for minor spectacle adjustments and repairs. This money will be used to support sustainable eye care projects in under-serviced communities around the world, helping people who are needlessly blind and in urgent need of eye care.

We are proud to support such a worthwhile cause. The World Sight Day Challenge is a great way to help support millions of people who do not have access to basic eye care that we can take for granted.

2014 saw many highlights including tens of thousands of children being screened and given glasses where needed in Soweto Africa, El Salvador, and Tanzania.

For more information about Optometry Giving Sight, visit


Penny Drive in Collaboration with Guelph Community Christian School


With the government’s decision to stop using the penny, Edinburgh Optometry Clinic ran a Penny Drive for a few months this year and encouraged patients as well as our own staff to bring in any pennies from home to donate.  Patients receiving complimentary adjustments or repairs on their glasses were also encouraged to see if they had any pennies they were willing to part with (or any amount of change for that matter!!)  As well, students at Guelph Community Christian School were also encouraged to participate in a parallel campaign.

After returning from her eye care service trip to Haiti, Dr. MacNeill was invited to speak with the Grade 7 class about the experience.  The students asked some very insightful questions.  They also wanted to know what they could do to help this impoverished country.  With the penny being phased out, there was an opportunity to support two initiatives.  Pennies were collected and directed toward reforestation efforts.  Soil erosion as a result of poor agricultural and forestry practices dating back hundreds of years is a very big problem in Haiti.  Secondly, unused and outdated glasses were collected to be taken on an upcoming eye care trip back to Haiti.
Here is what these students were able to accomplish:
-collected 38 pairs of glasses
-collected 15 959 pennies weighing in at 37.5 kg (83 lb).  This money was able to buy 484 seedlings and provide training and technical expertise to remote communities in the northern part of Haiti. This reforestation will lead to new agricultural and economic opportunities for the people of Haiti.

The students of GCCS should be congratulated on their contributions to this very worthwhile campaign!!



October is EYE HEALTH MONTH and will again signal our yearly efforts to encourage donations towards worldwide relief of vision problems.  Feel free to click through on this link to OPTOMETRY GIVING SIGHT to find out more about their organization!